Strategy implementation

Once the strategy has been developed, you should be quick to implement it. Sounds simple and logical – but in practice it is not always the case. In the implementation, the specialists of “von Neuem” fill your individual strategy with life and ensure an optimal implementation in the company.

Here the following questions are often asked:

How do we reach the target groups? How do we optimise the digital service for the target groups and companies? How do we improve the operating result through these measures?

Digitalisation has changed a lot. Especially things that have long been considered as established and learned to be correct. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind the changes in the new digital world. This results in fundamental transformation in organisation and thought patterns. Without cultural change, digital transformation is for sure not going to be a success – but it is guaranteed to be expensive.


“You’ll never walk alone” – this principle applies. Therefore, von Neuem accompanies the customer in the implementation of the strategic roadmap and in the implementation of the developed measures. On request also gladly at your place. In addition, von Neuem assists the project leaders in coordinating and monitoring the progress.
The goal is the gradual achievement of the subgoals (milestones) on the way to the target image.

But one thing you must not forget: On the way to the goal, time passes and the world “out there” keeps turning. During the process, the continuous evaluation and adaptation of the strategic timetable takes place.


Communication can and should only be done in dialogue. Everyone has to be taken on the trip. Therefore, cultural change is promoted through appropriate communication. In particular, employees must be informed in good time about the change.

The introduction of an institutionalised feedback culture is very important. This includes above all the breaking up of hierarchic communication from top to bottom. An up-to-date dialogue between executives and employees must be made possible.


Only in this way can a transparent corporate culture develop, only in this way can the intelligence of the masses be used and last but not least only this way can experts and multipliers be identified. von Neuem brings potential solutions – but which ones are right for your company, your employees and other target groups? The right solution is worked out together – with all parties.


The start-up team should meet the requirements of a digitalised world. Speed, flexibility and responsiveness are needed. Together with the client, von Neuem develops an interdisciplinary team consisting of employees from various company departments as well as the experts of “von Neuem” and other partners. The start-up team organises itself in questions of communication, planning and implementation of measures like a separate business unit.

The goal is the bundling of resources and competencies and thus the fast and efficient implementation of successful measures. Through training and knowledge transfer within the start-up team, sustainable skills are built up in the company. If the customer’s employees are sufficiently qualified, the external partners gradually withdraw from the start-up team. In accordance with our goal of helping people to help themselves.


One thing is for sure: The collaboration between employees, customers and partners in companies is changing due to digitalisation. Thanks to technological advances and the wide range of digital options, opaque and complex processes can now be transferred to digital platforms such as the social intranet. New working methods also have a major impact on processes in the company. In the run-up, von Neuem surveys the needs and problems of employees in their daily work. It also examines the use of existing platforms. From these findings, von Neuem develops the application scenarios for digital collaboration. These scenarios are the requirement for potential technical solutions that are prototyped, tested and developed together with the customer.

Digitale Zusammenarbeit

In the context of the changes brought about by digitalisation, companies must put their ways of working, their working methods and processes to the test. The reduction of inhibiting hierarchies and rigid communication structures to a stronger networking of employees is the basis for a contemporary collaboration and communication in the company from a silo to a networking organisation and represents a useful addition to the established work culture. In a first step, von Neuem analyses the status quo, identifies requirements for cooperation and develops on this basis a holistic organisational concept for your company.

Yes, digital transformation is a big challenge – especially for companies and organisations that have “always done it that way”. Let us question these things together.

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