Strategy development

As a consulting company that deals with the changes brought about by digital transformation, it is essential to continuously address developments, trends and the future. Without a strategic path, it is often difficult to navigate the jungle of opportunities and the multitude of initiatives that are already underway, but often uncoordinated. A house without a firm foundation cannot standing upright. As part of the strategy development, von Neuem develops your individual digital roadmap.


The roadmap shows you the individual way through the digital transformation. As part of such a roadmap, von Neuem is developing a strategic roadmap designed specifically for you. It is a reaction to the changes in your environment caused by digitalisation.

von Neuem considers a time horizon for the next three to five years. An integral part of this is the knowledge gained from the analysis in the context of strategic early detection.

Your roadmap contains an overarching goal for your company’s future and related subgoals that should be achieved along the way to this goal. Each subgoal, in turn, consists of further measures, which are gradually being implemented.

Digital Power Score

The digital transformation is becoming visible in more and more areas of life and work. In order to keep up with the competition, it is essential to adapt your company or organisational structure to the new digital paradigms. It is important to investigate all areas of a company and to identify potential for improvement which can be implemented due to digital solutions.

How digital is your company? “A first evaluation of your company’s digital maturation level can carried out quickly and easily within ten minutes with the help of the Digital Power Score. Answer the questionnaire we designed together with digitalisation experts. The categories Customer Contact (External Processes), Productivity (Internal Processes), Security & Privacy and Innovation Leadership are examined.

Yes, digital transformation is a big challenge – especially for companies and organisations that have “always done it that way”. Let us question these things together.

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