Strategic foresight

It is not the big one who eats the little one, but the fast one who eats the slow. Clearly, especially in the age of digital change, a truism. But how does one become fast in this environment or even faster than others?

With strategic foresight, the experts of “von Neuem” have their finger on the pulse of time. Trends are detected as well as emerging challenges for the customer. Based on these findings, the strategy can be adapted to the requirements in time. The development of conclusive future scenarios is also part of the extensive range of the services of “von Neuem”.

We distinguish between three knowledge classes:

  1. Things, that we know, we know.
  2. Things, that we know, we do not know.
  3. Things, we do not know, that we do not know.

The third class of knowledge is the deciding factor for von Neuem and denotes the management of non-knowledge. von Neuem helps to identify the relevant changes in your environment with the right tool.


The observation of the development of identified trends is fundamental. Only then will no development pass by the customer’s company. von Neuem identifies the relevant trends in the business environment and begins continuous monitoring. On a regular basis the customer receives a detailed report, which shows the developments and can be used as a basis for updating the trend radar.


Observing and evaluating trends for your own company is the basis for a potential competitive advantage: What is important? How must the company react? That is why von Neuem surveys important trends in the corporate environment and evaluates them with the help of state-of-the-art scientific methods. For this purpose, von Neuem develops together with the customer a trend radar for trend monitoring and trend evaluation. The trend radar can then be used in the long term as an interdisciplinary instrument in the company.


In order to develop a meaningful future scenario, von Neuem first identifies the relevant factors in the corporate field on the basis of secondary and primary surveys.
Using state-of-the-art statistical methods, von Neuem calculates the influence these factors are having on each other, so that critical factors can quickly be identified. Based on this identification, von Neuem develops a realistic future scenario that describes the change in the customer environment in the coming years.

Yes, digital transformation is a big challenge – especially for companies and organisations that have “always done it that way”. Let us question these things together.

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