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Yes, brands, just like humans, have their own personality – or better, they should have their own personality. To work out, develop or promote this personality is an integral part of von Neuem’s strategic communications consulting. The goal is always to work out the appropriate brand personality and the fitting design (branding).

Our approach therefore includes our brand model: trademark business.

Here we consider a brand as a being.

  • So the brand can be like a human.
  • The brand can act like a human and
  • it can look like a human.

From this perspective, each brand develops a personality.

The term brand comes from “branding (marking)”. Good brands have their own essence and thus form a brand personality and then have the advantage that they can be remembered more easily. Applying the “trademark business” model, von Neuem identifies the brand personality analysing strategic brand development, past communication, and market players. All essential features are evaluated and ultimately the brand receives its distinctive face.


The following questions are generally answered comprehensively:

  • Questions about the services and characteristics of the brand: Who or what is the brand and what can the brand do?
  • Questions about the values and character of the brand: What is the brand and why is it special?
  • Questions about the manifestation or the appearance of the brand: What does the brand look like? Are there any symbols or signs for the brand and which features of their appearance are an integral part?

The Advantage: A trademark business with its own brand personality explains complex brands very clearly. For example, in social media the brand behaves like a person with a clear brand personality and thus becomes much simpler, catchier and more differentiable.

Yes, digital transformation is a big challenge – especially for companies and organisations that have “always done it that way”. Let us question these things together.

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